…it so Magneto’s wife is still alive? Part 3 in a series of 3


You know the fact that Mystique’s code-name means ‘air of mystery’ suggests she is a character with an aura of intrigue surrounding them but perhaps also hiding an identity we’re already familiar with.

I have another theory, but don’t worry. It still connects with the Shi’ar.

She wears a death-skull, we know according to Claremont that her surname was intended as Raven (further representing death), and first name, Eric (see Figure 1 in Part 1 here).

Now recall despite Nightcrawler’s origin not being revealed as far back as 1983, his father is named in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #8 as Baron Eric Wagner.

Figure 24: Under Known Relatives Kurt’s father is listed as Eric Wagner from OHOTMU volume 1#8

Back in the 1980s Gruenwald mentioned that, where possible for characters whose origins hadn’t been revealed he would request some brief details from their then writers which he and Peter Sanderson would then build on but still leave room to not contradict their intentions.

So was it Claremont’s intention at one point that (s)he was masquerading as Baron Wagner at the time. If so this would not only suggest (s)he was Kurt’s father, but if we follow Gruenwald’s above suggestion, Claremont may have planted the clue as far back as 1983 that he intended Raven’s first name as Eric with a ‘C’ perhaps as a further clue to her using the identity of Davan Shakari.

But this isn’t the biggie…

What other major X-villain is named EriK? While we know Erik Lensherr was never his intended name for Magneto, if you cast your mind back to Claremont’s interview with Tue Sørensen in 1996 he mentions how:

“A lot of my stories were rejected, and have suddenly come up in the last 3 years as X-Men stories.”

So what if Erik Lensherr was a name Claremont had included in his notes in connection WITH Magneto, but wasn’t the pseudonym he intended FOR Magnus?

What was that intended connection?

I’ll get there but for a moment I’d like to refer for a moment to Magneto’s wife, Magda.

While it is claimed that Magda walked out into the frozen wastes to die after the birth of her children, Wanda and Pietro, this never quite made sense when you consider she survived in the frozen wastelands after escaping Auschwitz, despite her physically debilitated state.

Figure 25: Magda, in a malnourished state, survives the frozen wastelands after escaping Auschwitz, yet it is claimed she walked out into a blizzard on Mt. Wundagore to die after the birth of her twins from Classic X-Men #12 Story 2 and Avengers #186 respectively

While Magda appears to have abandoned her children, Wanda and Pietro, convincing everyone she left them and walked out in the snow to die, is she in fact still out there alive and someone we have previously encountered without realising her true identity; perhaps a red-haired character with an ‘air of mystery’?

We know after Magnus kills that crowd in Vinnitsa, she shouts that he’s a monster and flees from him.

Figure 26: Terrified of what she witnessed, Magda fled, calling her husband a “monster” from Story 2 in Classic X-Men #12

So was Magda Mystique? The name Lensherr is not really a surname but a title effectively meaning Baron or Count in German. So was Eric Lensherr meant to suggest Eric the Baron/ Count, a title (s)he would go on to adopt after fleeing Magnus or leaving Wundagore?

But what about the Shi’ar connection you say?

Well firstly given Claremont’s stories show Irene working with Raven much earlier than Magnus’s time with Magda, since she had hired Raven to help her interpret the visions transcribed in her Diaries (influenced by the Shadow King), had they identified Magnus as a key player in mutant events so Raven assumed the identity of Magda becoming his love in the camps and then abandoning him in his moment of need to help drive him to become the mutant terrorist we know and love/hate!?

Is this why, upon assuming the identity of Eric the Red (s)he restores him to adulthood…

Figure 27: Eric the Red, after penetrating Muir Island’s automatic security, breaks into the cell where the infant Magneto is being confined, using a ray gun to restore him to adulthood in a matter of moments from Uncanny X-Men #104

…to compel him to return as the terrorist, Magneto, reigniting the fear campaign against mutants as the Shadow King intended…

Figure 28: A case can be made here that the Shadow King was responsible for driving mutants such as Magneto toward terrorism to bring about the hatred that would lead to Days of Future Past from Uncanny X-Men #278

…and when he couldn’t do it right, she stepped forth from the shadows reigniting the conflict herself through her establishment of her own Brotherhood of Evil Mutants who made it their mission to assassinate Senator Robert Kelly?!

Figure 29: Mystique and her Brotherhood of Evil Mutants reignite the fear campaign against mutants, as the Shadow King intended, from Uncanny X-Men #141

I mean doesn’t everyone think it’s strange that despite both operating in Europe and becoming terrorists, Magneto and Mystique were never revealed as having worked together? Raven even followed his example and formed a Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. But if she was attempting to avoid him discovering she had been masquerading as his wife Magda this might actually make sense!

Was the small skull on the centre of Mystique’s forehead, just below her hairline, intended to slyly clue us in to the fact that she was meant to be a character previously believed to be dead, and her red hair meant to further suggest her connection with her daughter, Wanda?

Don’t worry, this doesn’t necessarily rule out the Shi’ar connection since the surname Adler is German for bird of prey or ‘eagle’ and is most notably used as such in heraldry!

What if Raven is not the sister supposedly murdered by Deathbird, but rather her assigned protector; what if Irene is instead that sister?

Postscript 1

With regard to the scanner Forge designs capable of identifying human, mutant, Kree, Skrull, Wraith, etc. upon switching it on in UXM 184 Forge identifies only one mutant …himself … failing to pick up on Raven’s mutant signature. While he might have chosen to not give her identity away, does this suggest her power being the result of something else? While the technology could pick up aliens too, would he not be more likely to give her up if she was alien as opposed to one of his own kind? Recall his comments after scanning the room make him appear surprised about Raven’s reactions, but if he picked up that she was like himself a mutant, he surely wouldn’t have been. So why didn’t the tech identify her as a mutant?

Figure 30: Forge’s scanner fails to identify Raven as a mutant from Uncanny X-Men #184

Postscript 2

If Mystique is Eric Raven did Claremont intend this whole plot to tie into the War of the Worlds? Has this been Raven’s agenda all along, ensuring mutants are protected so they can provide defence against the Martians? If (s)he isn’t a mutant, as suggested by Forge’s scanner in Uncanny X-Men #184, is (s)he from a race previously persecuted by the Martians who fled to earth? Was her intention to reveal that (s)he was the true father of Jonathan Raven (aka. Killraven), and Irene his mother, hence his extrasensory ability?

Return to Part 1 here and Part 2 here


9 Responses

  1. I’ll hopefully comment at greater length on this and other pieces next week, but having taken a quick peek today, I’d like to make a few brief factual comments:

    Mystique’s looks were fully designed by Dave Cockrum; Chris Claremont saw the design in his sketchbook and decided he just had to use her.

    In the 1983 OHOTMU Nightcrawler’s father’s name was given as “Eric Wagner”, which is of course a problematic name given that “Eric” is the English version of the name. The German version is of course “Erich”; “Erik” is Scandinavian, in Polish it would be “Eryk”. However, Eric Wagner at that point was not intended to be a baron. What is it with this Anglo-American obsession with barons anyway? Wagner is a pretty common surname for commoners, indicating a maker of wagons (like the English surname Wainwright).

    (Incidentally, a baron (German: Freiherr, literally “freelord”) in Germany is not as much as an English or French one. German barons belong to the lower nobility, English and French ones to the higher).

    Ca. 1983 there were already two conflicting accounts of how Kurt was found by the Szardoses, one that he was found with his dead/dying mother, the other that he was found with the body of his father. OHOTMU and OHOTMUDE both confidently assert that Kurt’s father was deceased (they don’t state “presumed deceased”) but have no information about his biological mother.

    • @Menshevik: Yep, I’m aware of Dave’s initial design, but once he chose Mystique I suspect he pretty quickly latched onto her being related to Nightcrawler in some way.

      While I’m aware of the correct German spelling, I’m suggesting that Claremont chose the “Eric” spelling to link the character back to Eric the Red with the “C” spelling. As for the Wagner surname the “wagon maker” title has always had me intrigued;)
      Also aware about the German Freiherr, since while my mother’s side is Irish my father’s is German:) With regard to the content of the OHOTMU bio, while they had the names there’s nothing to say Gruenwald and Sanderson didn’t fill in the additional gaps as they did for some Alpha Flight ones which Byrne then revealed quite differently.

      I look forward to your further comments next week:) Thanks for dropping by.

      • To my mind it is a quite a stretch to infer so much from the spelling “Eric”, especially given how inconsistent spellings sometimes tend to be with Marvel, specifically with the various Erik/Erics in the X-books. With Kurt’s bio you’d have to check with the accounts given in-story at that point. As I mentioned, there were two conflicting ones, Gruenwald and Sanderson opted for one of them, whether or not after checking with Chris Claremont and/or editor Louise Simonson I have no idea. (Incidentally, in the 1st edition of OHOTMU it says that Rogue was born in Georgia, which happens to be Louise Simonson’s home state. A few months later Claremont revealed she’s actually from Mississippi).

        Re. “Lehnsherr” – that word means “feudal lord, liege lord”, i. e. someone who has a fief to give to a vassal who is a nobleman himself. In German parlance that would apply only to high nobility (down to count), not a mere Freiherr.

        Re. Magda’s disappearance: Of course there has always been speculation that Magda did not actually die, especially as no body was ever found. But if she had wanted to die in the blizzard, she could have. Just because a person is a good swimmer very well does not mean it is impossible for him/her to commit suicide by drowning.

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding. I couldn’t get the moment to finish reading your 3-part theory. But anyway, it is intriguing. While I don’t think Claremont meant for Magda to be Mystique in disguise, and I think that would be just too “incestuous” for even the Marvel Universe, I do very much think your ideas regarding Mystique’s origins and links to the Shi’ar royal family are amazing. And Heather — Claremont sometimes did reuse ideas that he didn’t get a chance to thoroughly explore the first time. When he revealed that Heather was actually a member of the Shi’ar royal family, and being on earth too long had cemented her in a human form, he left it up in the air as to who her parents actually are.

    By the way, how do you fit the revised origins story for Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner?

    The Rossi/Davan Shakari connection to Mystique, if I understand you correctly, is that she is NOT officially on Shi’ar business, but is either (a) the sister of Deathbird who tricked Deathbird into thinking she was killed, and then fled to earth, finding the official agent Davan Shakari already on earth. Mystique then killed the real Davan, and took his place. Or, (b) Irene Adler is actually the survivor of attempted murder, and Mystique is her protector who accompanied her to earth. In my opinion, the former theory is far more plausible.

    The idea that Mystique is actually a Shi’ar, even a Shi’ar “mutant” — and a sister of Lilandra and D’Ken and Deathbird, is thought-provoking. And we don’t know when she actually arrived on earth. Time on Chandilar [sp] is different, aging is different for the Shi’ar. It’s possible that Mystique arrived on earth at the end of the 1900s, and that’s where she met Irene Adler. She might have taken the “Eric Raven” identity first, before she was discovered by Davan Shakari, and had to kill him in order to survive. It would be an ideal identity to take, that of Davan Shakari, because this way she could be in a position to learn about Earth, and the Shi’ar Empire news. Moreover, Nathaniel Essex also might have some association with Shakari. Remember that Nicieza-written X-MEN issue where we see Essex watching Shakari? Mystique as Shakari would be in the middle of everything.

    I would think that Mystique has a natural inclination for and talent for espionage. It’s not something she HAS to do, but likes to do — it gives her power. Knowledge about everyone in the Marvel U. is power. It seems sometimes she is working for the mutant cause, and sometimes she is working for her own mysterious ends. I like the way you link the names “red” and “air” i.e., “Rossi” and “Aerie.” I also like how the names “Adler” which is Eagle and Raven, as bird names, might indicate some kind of Shi’ar connection.

    So, the reason Davan Shakari/Eric the Red gives for re-aging Magneto and the brotherhood babies with him, is that he wanted to create a distraction for the X-Men so he could carry out his plans. You’ll note that he spends an entire day with the newly-adult-again Magneto, talking to him, ranting to him, about his destiny and what he needs to do, and how the X-Men are his enemies. If this were really Mystique, using Shi’ar tech to re-age Magneto, what would be her real reasons for doing so? Was she working for, or with, someone else? Like Sinister, perhaps? Would she be aware of Charles Xavier’s roll in the Illuminati? Why would Mystique have her reasons for fighting the X-Men, or sending Magneto to fight the X-Men?

    If Mystique is Heather’s mother, that would be awesome. Is there some other evidence one way or the other as to Heather’s parentage? I haven’t been following the character. I figured her mother was Deathbird, and she took the name “Lifeguard” as an unconscious rejection of Deathbird’s ethos; she wanted to be a hero.

    As for Magda, as we discussed before, I tend to think she either escaped and took a new identity, or she was abducted by someone. Max searched for her everywhere, for years. She simply disappeared off the face of the earth. Look at all the interested parties: Wanda is a nexus being, a mutant of enormous power. I can think of a few AVENGERS adversaries who can manipulate or travel in time and might want Magda for her genetic material. Sinister might have gotten her, if he was tracking Max. She might have escaped, as we discussed earlier, and found refuge with anit-mutant extremists because of her great fear of her husband when his powers exploded.

    In any case, regarding Magda, I like the mystery. I like speculating. I really hope Marvel never does reveal what actually happened to her.

    All the Best,


    • No need at all to apologise! I knew you’d get back to me when you found time (it’s hard to resist the Claremont draw;) It was quite long, and I posted in rapid-fire succession. Intrigue was the primary aim too. I’m also not really convinced Claremont meant for Magda to be Mystique in disguise, but just thought it would be an interesting to end on another mystery. I do think there’s something to my first two parts though, part 1 in particular. While I also agree it is also a little incestuous for Claremont, I don’t think it is any moreso than the later Summers family plots;) Thanks for expressing that you think my ideas regarding Mystique’s origins and links to the Shi’ar royal family are amazing. That really means a lot coming from you. With regard to Claremont sometimes reusing the same ideas he didn’t get a chance to thoroughly explore the first time, I think that’s his syndrome;) While he left it up in the “air” as to who Heather’s parents were, the Diary excerpt I posted in part 2 has made people previously think the Mother of War suggests Deathbird. But I prefer the “LIFE” prefix suggesting her opposite/ victim. I just thought it fitted more nicely.

      Re: how Nightcrawler’s revised origins fit here, as Menshevik pointed out above Wagner means wagon-maker so I need to think on that some more. But I do suspect that’s the surname Wein gave him so Claremont was stuck with it. Mind you maybe when Deathbird attempted to take her life she was pregnant with him and gave birth to him after fleeing to Earth. Kurt’s appearance does after all look more at home on the Imperial Guard, doesn’t it?!

      While Claremont has suggested he planned Mystique and Destiny from the start, he actually lobbied editorial for Kurt’s father to initially be Nightmare (which is why he linked the Szardos family to NC’s origin).

      So I think he was testing ideas at first to see which one stuck.

      While Raven explains his being blue I always felt that his fur and agility was visually indicative of Beast.

      While that doesn’t work timewise I’m sure Claremont was smart enough to work a way around that small hurdle, given his ingenuity.

      You’ll further recall Claremont revealing in UXM 170 (the image posted toward the end of part 2) that she claims to have been born in 1953 which would make her too young to be his mother given his age when he was introduced in 1974.

      Claremont does this again with Rogue and Ahab. I was the first person online back in the 90s to pick this up but no one else ran with how it might be, everyone more interested in how Cable might have become Ahab.

      I do think they did have some initial plan for Cable since there was a build up with Rictor reluctant to trust him (cf. NM#89, p. 30), believing him to have set up his father to get killed (NM#90, p. 14 & 18). It was referred to again in when Rictor relates that when he was a child before acquiring his powers, Cable seemed like such a monster (NM#93, p. 14).

      Then Louise follows this up in New Mutants Annual #6 with Rictor having a meltdown after killing one of Ahab’s hounds, commenting how much Cable looks like him.

      I’m unsure whether the intention was to transplant Ahab’s origin upon Cable to resolve the fact that they didn’t initially have a background for him, or whether it was a red herring.

      Fabian Nicieza claims the latter, suggesting Bob Harras pushed for the dialogue in Uncanny X-Men Annual #14. I’m not entirely convinced, since the dialogue to me at the time was more indicative of Claremont’s tropes.

      While Cable and Ahab did have some similar features, there are more distinct differences, than similarities, during Ahab’s introduction in the Days of Future Present Annuals.

      While both characters had similar scars across their right eyes, Cable’s left eye was the bionic one. Even though his statistics from the Marvel Universe Master Edition #3 at the time suggested otherwise, New Mutants #89 (p. 26), X-Men Annual #14 (p. 17) proved the original intention since Cable’s right eye was blue page 18 showed Ahab’s left eye as brown, his right eye being the bionic one.

      While the rendering on their bionic left arms was awfully similar, the renderings appeared to suggest Forge’s design, since they were practically identical to how his prosthesis was depicted as in New Mutants #65 (p. 24, panel 4) and on the cover of New Mutants #66.

      In addition, on page 18 of X-Men Annual #14 (1990) Ahab calls Cyclops “laddie-buck”, definitely not indicative of Cable’s speech patterns.

      This speech pattern would seem to alternatively suggest that he was Irish or Scottish. And according to Banshee in New Mutants Annual #6 (p. 18) Cable was in Madripoor at the time Ahab was rounding up fellow mutants with Rachel.

      What this all suggests is that Cable obviously recognised Ahab in Annual #14, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he was recognising himself. He must have encountered Ahab in his identity prior to becoming Master of the Hounds.

      The one thing that has been completely overlooked in the almost 21 years since Ahab’s introduction is his going grey in a really unusual pattern.

      I still can’t believe I am the only one who picked this up, but I’ve noted no one else make the same particular reference.

      The only question remaining with regard to Ahab is whether he is Rogue’s father or brother.

      But how could this be when he was obviously Scottish and Rogue was born in Mississippi?

      Interested in your thoughts?

      Re: my Rossi/Davan Shakari connection to Mystique suggesting that she is NOT officially on Shi’ar business, we don’t really know this though do we!?

      Was her death faked so she could be relocated for her protection or to fulfil some agenda on behalf of another faction of the Shi’ar?

      Was her death faked to protect her from Lilandra? Perhaps she was part mutant which went against the race, so she was relocated to protect her from Lilandra.

      Did Lilandra seek Xavier out because that was the most likely place she thought she’d eventually seek refuge?

      Claremont had Lilandra show her true colours during X-Men: The End, the Shi’ar technology given to the X-Men’s Mansion by her as a gift, was used, like a “trojan horse” as part of her plan to destroy the X-Men once and for all!

      If the Phoenix ever returned, wouldn’t it have been fun if the secret was that the M’Krann had already been tampered with. Did this tampering put Lilandra on the Shi’ar throne and provide her with her empire, and D’Ken was actually trying to put things back, not to tamper? We only have Lilandra’s word that he was “tampering,” and when one considers the above revelation in “THE END” it is not so much of a leap.

      The other unexplained issue is the connection between the Shi’ar being an avian race and the Phoenix manifesting in avian form too. That’s just too coincidental. There’s some closer connection between the two, particular when you consider Heather’s raptor-like manifestation.

      While it might have been as you suggest, (a) Deathbird’s sister tricked her into thinking she had killed her and then fled to Earth finding Shakari already on earth, this might be the case, OR did Davan Shakari exist in the first place or was it another creation? I’ve been unable to determine what language Claremont derived Davan’s name from, but am keen to find out.

      With regard to (b) Irene Adler actually being the survivor of attempted murder, with Mystique as her protector who accompanied her to earth, it could be both, I’m not entirely sure.

      I realise the former theory is the more plausible.

      Thanks for considering my idea of Mystique as a Shi’ar, or Shi’ar mutant, and sister of Lilandra, D’Ken and Deathbird as thought-provoking. That was my other hook:)

      With regard to us not knowing when she actually arrived on earth, utterly! Yet since Mystique claims birth in 1953, does she mean her identity as M or her arrival/birth on Earth? This would fit the year of Chris and Kate’s kidnapping from Earth. Did she stowaway to Earth on the ship that stole Scott and Alex’s parents, perhaps!?

      When you consider X-Men: True Friends 2&3, Logan shows up in 1936 working with Raven and Irene with his adamantium claws even though he didn’t have them this early (as shown in UXM 268). So perhaps this was during his time working with Landau, Luckman & Lake which would seem to suggest Mystique and Destiny were also their agents. So they could likewise have gone back in time. So the dates shown in X-Treme X-Men aren’t necessarily meant to indicate in the way they’re presented on the surface.

      I so desperately want to know what “Davan Shakari” means!!!

      I totally agree that the identity of Davan Shakari would be an ideal identity to take given it could place her in the position of learning about Earth, and the Shi’ar Empire news.

      While Nicieza’s later scene showing Nathan Essex/Mr. Sinister observing Eric the Red from X-Men #39 was meant to remind us of that final scene with Steven Lang in Uncanny X-Men #97, it was not Claremont’s intention. I’m ignoring the “Essex” surname too since it wasn’t Claremont’s intention. You obviously haven’t read my first post on the Third Summers Brother plot:
      How Would You Fix…the Third Summers Brother plot here
      I reveal there who I think Claremont intended Mr. Sinister to be:)

      I loved proposing Mystique as Shakari, therefore being in the middle of everything, since it just seems to fit her personality so naturally. And her power just makes her addicted to acting/ taking on other roles/identities. Why bother with a theatre when you can use the world as your stage and play everyone in power!? Her sometimes working for the mutant cause, and sometimes working for her own mysterious ends is just part of her “Mystique”;)

      Thanks for liking the way I link the names “red” and “air” i.e., “Rossi” and “Aerie.” Once I pinned those down I knew I had a theory with legs. The same with the “Adler” connection to Eagle and Raven possibly indicating a Shi’ar connection; hence my other suggestion of Mystique as protector and Irene as the princess! Did she actually lose her sight as a result of Deathbird’s attack?

      Re: Shakari’s re-aging of Magneto, I have previously posited that he was using the same technology Sinister later used to age the Madelyne clone to adulthood. Re: his aging of the Brotherhood babies, there was also that later clue Claremont dropped that the Marauders were clones grown to adulthood (hence why I’d love to see Wildchild as the original and Sabretooth as the clone).

      While Eric the Red may have done the above to create a distraction for the X-Men so he could carry out his plans, is it deeper than that and have something to do with Lorna Dane? I suspect Claremont intended to link it back to the Demi-Men plot, particular when Mesmero and Eric the Red both targeted her, Eric gives her the code-name “Polaris” and Mr. Sinister later names her as the “pole-star” to his plans.

      Progressing the Brotherhood’s agenda, who Mystique later goes on to lead and doesn’t change their title to the Sisterhood. Doing this to Magneto would seem to progress more the Shadow King’s agenda of flaring up the human-mutant conflict.

      Is this the “shame” Magneto referred to when discussing his battle with the Shadow King in UXM 275?

      While you suggest (s)he may have been working for Sinister, it’s more likely the Shadow King (though there is that “game” Mr. Sinister referred to in UXM 239.

      Re: the Illuminati, this was again introduced later and not Claremont’s intention which is what I’ve stuck to religiously in my theories.

      As for why Mystique would have her reasons for fighting the X-Men, or sending Magneto to fight the X-Men, was the Shadow King composed of the “negative energy” from the M’Kraan Crystal?

      As for there being evidence for Mystique being Heather’s mother, I think my theory of her shape-shifting ability is a pretty good step.

      While fans have previously figured her mother was Deathbird, and she took the name “Lifeguard” as an unconscious rejection of Deathbird’s ethos, I’d posit that was Claremont’s surface suggestion, since we all know how often he plays “sleight-of-hand”. I therefore thought what if and it fits more nicely if it was Deathbird’s sister she supposedly killed. And who better to survive an assassination attempt than someone with the power to detect danger, like her daughter inherited!

      As for Magda taking a new identity or being abducted because of her daughter, Wanda, being a nexus being, the “nexus” plot was introduced by John Byrne who you’ll recall worked hard to work against Claremont’s plots, including revealing the Dr. Doom that courted Storm as a Doombot, went against Claremont’s idea for Galactus’s origin by revealing him as a survivor of the previous galaxy, and restoring Magneto to villainy in Acts of Vengeance.

      While Sinister might have gotten her, as you suggest, his later revealed tracking of Magneto was introduced in Claremont’s later plots and wasn’t his original intention. He accepted Mr. Sinister’s new origin because it was cemented into continuity too well for him to undo.

      Years ago I had a fun theory that she fled to Asgard, given hints of sorcery in Wanda and Pietro’s heritage (and may have been Karnilla since there was no goddess by that name in Norse myth).

      I do agree with you though that keeping Magda’s fate a mystery is more fun, given the speculation-value. But I’d love to speculate to the point of coming up with a reveal that makes many go “YES”!

  3. Looking at the page of Forge playing his little joke on Raven and Val, it looks to me like the “nozzle” on top of the device is pointing back at Forge. It’s therefore possible that he only scanned himself and did not scan his guests. There’s nothing to suggest the scanner is omnidirectional.

    • @Tony: Thanks so much for dropping in:)

      Yet it still doesn’t explain why he’d suggest to Val and Raven that he’s scanned the whole room.

      He also thinks Raven’s reaction is odd, yet if playing a joke on her he would not necessarily have found it that unusual,

      Still, it does need further contemplation, so thanks.

  4. Just a new-to-comics Mystique fan passing by, and though I can’t fully appreciate all of the research and thought that’s gone into this post as a touch-and-go reader, it’s really interesting to me. I’m sure you’ve thought of this, but I ran Davan Shakari through an anagram translator and got:

    Avian (!!) Dark Has / Avian Dark Ash

    ( I looked up “holme” to see if there was any etymological connection to ‘ash’ but it appears to be a Germanic root word meaning ‘island’)

    And more amusingly, ‘a diva has rank’, but somehow, fitting as it is, I doubt this was Claremont’s intention, lol.

    Still, I think yet another word combination associated with ‘bird’ and ‘dark’ is pretty darn cool.

    • @Linds: Thanks so much for dropping by.

      I hope you’re enjoying discovering more about Mystique’s background as written by Chris Claremont!? If you haven’t already discovered her appearances in his Ms. Marvel issues I’d recommend tracking them down.

      That’s fantastic about the anagrams of Davan Shakari. I’ll need to give that some further thought.

      Thanks again:)

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