…Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy’s world being in Universe-616?

Demon Spirits

When the Cotati are sent to the moon by the Skrulls to compete with the Kree, as revealed in Avengers #133, I’m wondering if they didn’t so much create the wonderful jungle but rather resurrected the Moon’s past life – which I’d suggest was created from a fragment of the Earth.

I’d then suggest that this “environment” was where Devil Dinosaur and his inseparable ape-pal, Moon-Boy frolicked, and was in fact not a version of Earth in a parallel Earth.

The name Moon-Boy makes much more sense if that’s where he actually lived!

As for what happened to this wonderful jungle since all signs of it no longer remain on the lunar surface, whereas ruins of the city the Kree built still exist on the Blue Area of the Moon.

I’d suggest that some other aliens, perhaps controlled by the Cotati (?the Nuwali?) transport this jungle to a hidden place in Antarctica, to preserve it from destruction, where it becomes the Savage Land.

I’d further suggest that the aliens Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy encountered in Kirby’s original series were also the Kree, pissed that they had lost the competition!

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  1. It’s an interesting idea and i especially like the tie in with Moon-Boy’s name. One potential issue is that there’s been a few occasions where modern characters have traveled back in time and met Devil Dinosaur. It’s all issues on the fringes of the Marvel Universe but they’re still technically canon: Godzilla, the Pet Avengers, and a Hulk story from the Marvel Monsters Group a few years ago. So i guess those stories would just have to take place after the Nuwali moved the jungle. Easy enough!

    • Yep, I liked it too as a final explanation for Moon-Boy’s name! Thanks:)

      Re: modern characters meeting Devil Dinosaur, they didn’t have to necessarily take place in the Savage Land and could have alternatively taken place on the Blue Area of the Moon:)

  2. If I recall the Skrull contest in the Blue Area correctly, the Cotati aren’t given seeds or cuttings with which to create their garden — they find the potential for plant life already locked in the lunar soil and psychically encourage it to grow. So that ties in with said plant life being of apparent quasi-Terrestrial origin; it was based on the same proto-microorganisms.

    But another question: when the Kree wiped out the Cotati, is it necessarily the case that the garden area was immediately destroyed? We know the Kree travelled back to Earth a few times over the subsequent millions of years, leading to the creation of the Inhumans. If the garden survived past the death of the Cotati, the later spacefaring Kree could have been the ones to fill it with animal life including dinosaurs for biological experiments in a controlled area next to their lunar city. And then a later expedition added hominids to the garden, who cohabited with the dinosaurs. And then finally, the Kree experimenters moved their garden to Antarctica…possibly because the high command was sick of funding all this useless science when there was war to be waged against the Skrulls?

    • Thanks so much for pointing that out Richard, but yes the Cotati finding the potential for plant life already locked in the lunar soil strengthens the idea:)

      As for the Kree being the ones to transport Cotati garden/ Dinosaur World from the moon to Antarctica, more than happy for that to be the case, but wondering given how angry they were whether the Cotati didn’t beat them to it?

      The question this goes on to raise is whether the Anti-Metal/ Vibranium in the Savage Land was there prior, or got transported there from the moon with the Cotati garden. Thoughts?

    • @Richard: with the Cotati finding the potential for plant life locked in the lunar soil is identical to Shalla-Bal’s powers which were bestowed on her by Silver Surfer.

      You know for years I’ve had a theory that Norrin was a Priest of Pama on Zenn-La:)

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