…the Darkforce’s origin?

darkforce dimens

While there are slight yet inconclusive hints that the Darkforce may be a corruptive influence of some kind, I think Blackheart’s demonstrated ability to use its power without limits is the hint we’ve been waiting for to explaining its true origins.

Recall that Blackheart has further demonstrated the power to control millions of minds at once while in Hell, and can steal souls without one’s approval, unlike his father, Mephisto (who, of all his powers, doesn’t appear to manipulate the Darkforce). Blackheart is also at his most omnipotent and omnipresent when he is in the Darkforce Dimension.

So why does Blackheart constantly need to control the millions of minds in Hell, etc. if he can instead use the Darkforce energy to fuel his power? I’d suggest that because the two are intimately interwoven, perhaps even being one-and-the-same!

That is, given the previous hints that it may be a corruptive influence of some kind (at least to Cloak, possibly Darkhawk as well), I’d fix the disparate stories behind the Darkforce by revealing it as the manifestation of tortured souls of Hell – it being the flipside of the cosmic light of the Quantum Bands, revealing pain and guilt and sorrow which it did for those victims of Cloak and the member of Psionex, Asylum.

A little known fact that might help reinforce this is how Dormammu once used the Darkforce to reconstitute himself and enter our dimension in Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme #1.

You know, that Guy Tantalus from the obscure Blackwulf series could easily be the Big Bad for a cosmic event centred round the Darkforce… his Black Legacy powers seemed to be a part of the Darkforce… which is further interesting when his powers were bestowed upon him by the “BLACK” Celestial. Perhaps there’s some connection to Spider-Man’s black costume too, i.e. the Venom symbiote.