…the Darkforce’s origin?

darkforce dimens

While there are slight yet inconclusive hints that the Darkforce may be a corruptive influence of some kind, I think Blackheart’s demonstrated ability to use its power without limits is the hint we’ve been waiting for to explaining its true origins.

Recall that Blackheart has further demonstrated the power to control millions of minds at once while in Hell, and can steal souls without one’s approval, unlike his father, Mephisto (who, of all his powers, doesn’t appear to manipulate the Darkforce). Blackheart is also at his most omnipotent and omnipresent when he is in the Darkforce Dimension.

So why does Blackheart constantly need to control the millions of minds in Hell, etc. if he can instead use the Darkforce energy to fuel his power? I’d suggest that because the two are intimately interwoven, perhaps even being one-and-the-same!

That is, given the previous hints that it may be a corruptive influence of some kind (at least to Cloak, possibly Darkhawk as well), I’d fix the disparate stories behind the Darkforce by revealing it as the manifestation of tortured souls of Hell – it being the flipside of the cosmic light of the Quantum Bands, revealing pain and guilt and sorrow which it did for those victims of Cloak and the member of Psionex, Asylum.

A little known fact that might help reinforce this is how Dormammu once used the Darkforce to reconstitute himself and enter our dimension in Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme #1.

You know, that Guy Tantalus from the obscure Blackwulf series could easily be the Big Bad for a cosmic event centred round the Darkforce… his Black Legacy powers seemed to be a part of the Darkforce… which is further interesting when his powers were bestowed upon him by the “BLACK” Celestial. Perhaps there’s some connection to Spider-Man’s black costume too, i.e. the Venom symbiote.

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  1. Not a bad suggestion man. I guess that would make sense, given how Cloak’s powers work, and as you pointed out, how he acts. I assume this applies to Darkstar from the Soviet Super-Heroes as well then. Well, while she alive anyway:)

    • There is the problem from Fabian Nicieza’s Darkling plot in New Warriors where Doctor Strange played such a large part and basically gave a multiple-time exposition on exactly HOW the Darkforce worked, though!

      It really did seem like he was trying to establish the dimension’s properties very explicitly in that story arc.

      One mention was that the Darkforce dimension actually had no direct effect on anyone’s psychology (aka Darkling “blamed” it for his will to corrupt Manhattan with dark thoughts and rage and loneliness), Doctor Strange, after going into the Darkforce dimension to study it, claimed it brought out the darkness that was already inside a person’s mind and intentions.

      However, this didn’t satisfy previous portrayals of its mentioned corruptive influence with characters like Cloak, etc.

      So one has to go with the former to maintain consistency!

  2. HmmmI think it’s more likely that the darkforce dimension, which can be used as a sort of shortcut between two places in the Marvel Universe has a gate into Hell- possibly one being held open by Blackheart.

    I’d speculate that Blackheart was feeding off the torment -and powers- of the catatonic villian (and Darkforce manipulator) Blackout (or his soul)- controlling him and gaining access to the vast powers of that dimension.
    Like Mephisto, Blackheart can not normally just puck out souls- or he would have in his Daredevil and recent Venom appearances, where his father is clearly more powerful and treats Blackheart as an spoiled child.

    I’d go with an explanation that there ARE evil things living in, or exiled to, the Darkforce dimension but they have no sway over people like Darkstar that only draw power from there.
    People actually venturing through the Darkforce dimension, like Cloak, need some kind of protection, like Dagger’s light.

    I’d also establish a connection between the Darkforce dimension and the abstract cosmic entity obkivion and his creation Deathurge. Deathurge’s weapons kill by making a target give up it’s life, but can not harm people imbued with the Lifeforce like Wendell Vaughn (the energy realm of infinity that powers the Quantum Bands) as per Quasar #2.
    There is too much in common with Dagger’s light to be easily diismissed in contunity terms.

    If Oblivion’s realm and the Darkforce dimension are one and the same, it would unify several theories- making charcaters like Deathurge, Blackheart, the Dragon of The Moon all agents of Oblivion’s purpose to end all life (knowingly or otherwise in Blackheart’s case).

    • Just wondering why characters like Cloak need protection, when Blackout and Darkstar wouldn’t?

      I really like linking Deathurge to the Darkforce Dimension:)

      Just unsure about the link between the power behind the Quantum Bands and Dagger’s light, given one is yellow and the other is white!?

      Oblivion’s realm and the Darkforce dimension as one certainly fits.

      • Blackout and Darkstar only pull Darkforce from that dimension whereas Cloak travels through it.
        When Blackout got sucked into the Darkforce dimension, he returned catatonic, and, assuming Darkstar actually goes into the DF dimension when teleporting, he mutaton may provide a natural resistance- and it’s a much quicker “in-and-out” than the traveling Cloak does.

        As to a connection between Infinity’s realm and Dagger’s white light, it’s been shown that Infinity’s realm is pure white and when Wendell (Quasar) was infused with the Life-Urge (Quasar #2) he exploded Deathurge’s construct wrapped around him with a burst of white light very much like Dagger gives off.
        Wendell’s Quantum Bands may use that soruce at a diffrent frequency of energy which allows it to be made into solid, and even semi-permanent constructs, absorn any type of energy, track energy signatures, etc.
        Handy things to have untill someone cuts your arms off for them or disintegrates you or something.
        LikeCloak, Dagger only opens an apature to a dimension, though her’s is a very brief window which allows mainly for those light daggers to be formed.

        It’s also concievable that the DF dimension absorbs negative emotions from living sentients much in the way my theory of how and why the Ebony Blade was made, but on a universal scale.
        It would also explain why Oblivion is this force for annihilation and despair…though which came first is a chicken and egg kind of idea.

  3. @Jason: thanks for clarifying about Infinity’s realm.

    Asylum from Psionex gives total credence to the idea that the DF dimension absorbs negative emotions from living sentients, but recall that D’spayre also does this. Could there be a connection? He was supposedly an agent of the Dweller-in-the-Darkness, not Oblivion!

    • I think it can be reasoned that minor abstract entities like D’spayre and the Dweller-in-the-Darkness are themselves offshoots of the major abstracts- not children so much as stray desires that gained sentence over time. These kinds of entities are shown to gain power when more sentients align with the idea they embody- like Nightmare or the Dweller-in-the-Darkness, D’spayre, etc all being pissed they got shut out of al the negative emotions during the Fear Itself event- Gillen went over this in his excellent Journey Into Mystery series this year.

      I’d speculate that the universe gives birth to an abstract entity whenever there is an imbalance or over-abundance of a particular motion generated by sentient life- and that it’s life that creates all the abstracts- giving us such narrowly-defined abstracts as Love and Hate, which are obviously limited to the aspect of existence they embody- for example, the abstract Love can not experience the full range of human emotions, but is kind of a sentient representation of the feelings more complex sentients generate.

      It also seems that some sentients have found a means to latch onto more esoteric concept-energy for themselves, which explains the Elders of the Universe. Each Elder harnesses a unique frequency of sentient life and is both empowered and bound by the confines of that frequency. For example, the Grandmaster can not stop gambling, the Collector can not stop collecting stuff, etc- there are no abstracts for those concepts because the roles are already filled.
      It would explain why the Elders have proven to be unkilllable…and the same general idea holds true for things like Mephisto- as long as that concept remains, they return in some form or another (with Mephisto and the other d”emons” sharing the abstract idea of Evil, rather than it being a singular entity- possibly due to the varied concepts of such an entity that different people’s have).

      In the Marvel Universe there is a documented imbalance in the number of sentients living- which is likely a parallel for the real world where more people are living today than have ever died. Jim Starlin establishes this with his Thanos-related stories: Death tasks Thanos with killing off half the sentients in the universe- a massive undertaking that Thanos explains (I think quite honestly) to the Silver Surfer back in Silver Surfer #35. The greater the imbalance, the greater the need for destructive abstracts as a means to restore balance- which explans why there are so many more negative abstracts that positive ones- sentients themselves generte such a greater share of life-oriented energy that additional abstracts are not needed.

      So, to stop my rambling musings and get back to the topic, I’d speculate that the Darkforce Dimension and all the negative Abstracts from the most powerful -Oblivion to bottom feeders that struggle to collect more power to themselves like D’spayre to creations generated to serve a specific purpose like Deathurge, ALL are related, with the Darkforce Dimension being the sea of sentient-created negative energy that both creates and sustains them, but Darkforce is not in and of itself a living thing any more than electricity or any other naturally occurring phenomena is.

      • Hope your Ebony Blade fix is coming along (my own personal purpose for the Black Knight moving forward and sustaining his own title would be as a god slayer).

        But I digress… So what you’re saying is D’Spayre, Dweller-in-the-Darkness are lesser expressions of Oblivion. So could the biggest abstract entites be like gnostic demiurges and their lesser ?avatars? are akin to gnostic archons!?

        Keen to know details of Gillen’s “Fear Itself” fix.

        I’m really interested in your breaking it down and think you’d be the perfect fit for my Call-Out about helping me clean up/ define Hell and its hierarchy for the Marvel Universe.

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      • Sorry have no idea how you insert your avatar? Do you have your own wordpress account as possible that way.

        Any other commenters out there who can help randall? Would appreciate your advice:)

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