…Spider-Man: One More Day?

Your Worst Nightmare

This fix is about Spider-Man: One More Day and how it can be retconned away while also explaining away another horrible Marvel Comics storyline.

Now, in One More Day, Peter Parker makes a bargain with the demon Mephisto to save his Aunt May’s life at the cost of his marriage. Reality is rewritten so that Peter and Mary Jane never married and are currently broken up.

However, for some unexplained reason, in this rewritten reality, most of Harry’s friends have vanished.  Flash Thompson has returned to being the bully who makes Peter’s life miserable.  And for some strange reason, Harry Osborn is alive and well.

Events in general seem to be geared toward making Peter’s life as comically, unbelievably horrible as possible.

He can’t get a job.

His roommates hate him and/or Spider-Man.

Aunt May marries J. Jonah Jameson’s father.

Jolly Jonah becomes Mayor of NYC and immediately sets about making capturing Spider-Man priority one for everyone.

And Norman Osborn – despite being publicly known as The Green Goblin – has become head of the national agency in charge of monitoring/commanding all the legally-operating superheroes in the United States.

A lot of fans didn’t think ANY of this made any sense.

And it doesn’t. Peter Parker – written properly – would never make a bargain with The Devil because it was easier than dealing with tragedy.

It doesn’t make any sense for Harry to be back from the dead because of Peter’s bargain.

And known-murderer and lunatic Norman Osborn being appointed to a national agency, much less being beloved by the public REALLY doesn’t make any sense…

…Unless this is all part of Norman’s wish!

Would Norman make a literal deal with the devil to get power and a chance to cause as much chaos as possible by jacking around with the superheroes?


Would Norman make a literal deal with the devil to bring his own dead son back to life?


Crazy as he was, he was always depicted as being a loving, if distant, father.

Would Norman make a literal deal with the devil to make Peter Parker as miserable as possible?

Hell yes!

So the fix is this: Mephisto went to Norman and offered him a chance to have all the wealth, power and prestige he always wanted.

He even sweetened the deal by offering to bring Harry back from the dead AND by fixing it so that Peter Parker would be made as miserable as possible by the new world that was created.

Making Peter believe he’d be responsible for his own problems was just the icing on the evil cake.

7 Responses

  1. Now THAT is brilliant! So much better than OMD that it isn’t even funny.

  2. Your Spiderman fix brought a smile to my face. It’s brilliant, and it’s still possible, IMO. An added idea could be if Mephisto was another secret member of Osborn’s Cabal, like the Void was. Or his “devil-like” connection to Mephisto could somehow tie or combine the Scrier plot with Osborn’s connection with the Hellfire Club outer circle and Cabal member White Queen from the HFC Inner Circle. This can further explain Osborn’s resurrection as = his own healing factor+a deal with Marvel’s version of the devil. Also recall the Ellis plot about the secret behind the HFC!!!

    Your idea makes more sense than having Spidey, one of the best-connected characters at Marvel “suddenly” having no allies at that point in time. Your idea made me think they dropped the ball worse than I thought.

  3. Love it! And Marvel could still make it true.

  4. This would in fact be better than One More Day. Do you know what else would be better? Anything. Anything at all. A comic book specifically designed to give you paper cuts. Marvel could fix if by just sending out a letter saying “Sorry folks. We messed up. Lets just say that was all a bad dream and move on.”

  5. […] moved out of the MAX line, began going off the rails even more than the subject of my last post One More Day. Yes Virginia there is a storyline worse than OMD.  Over to you […]

  6. would love that fix to one more day to be the real reason for all it including harry being alive. since after all peter only made the deal to save aunt may not harry too . and norman is just nasty enough to make deals with mephisto. for fun. though technicaly it was mary jane who made the deal for peter

  7. And this would also explain the mess with Gwen Stacy and her children.
    That never happened.
    It was wish-fulfillment for a sick mind, and to mess even further with Peter Parker.

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