In the ever-evolving landscape of comics there are simply some things that should not have happened.  In How Would You Fix, we attempt to retcon some of the more questionable aspects of our beloved characters’ sordid histories out of existence and replace them with more intellectually-satisfying ones that build on the seeds planted by their original creators.

Other bloggers have this to say:

“Now we know the truth of where Brian Cronin from CBR came up with his idea for ‘The Abandoned An’ Forsaked’ column!  However, Nate takes those comic book stories and ideas that had to be abandoned, but instead of ‘overturning’ them, attempts to resolve them from clues left behind by their original authors.” Kim Thompson of Omniverse

“Nathan Summers – He Who Can Explain Every Claremont Dangler Given Enough Time” Jason Powell of Remarkable

“Nathan Summers’s theories are usually right.” Chris Tolworthy of The Fantastic Four (1961-89) was The Great American Novel

“To bring a character to life in people’s minds, you need the one great story there is to tell for him or her. If it’s really well-made, it might carry the elements of a story engine. The Fix always leaves us with a formerly broken character, now in possession of at least the One Great Story. Somewhere in dreams, there’s a long box of great comics written by Nathan Summers…” Cecil Disharoon of Integr8d Soul

“I respect Nathan Summers incredible knowledge of all things X. When no one is posting on this site you can rely on NS to pick something interesting out of the distant past. Some of which I don’t even know about and I have been reading X books for a very long time. Keep it up, NS”. Dane Whitman of Alvaro’s COMICBOARDS.com

“Nathan Summers – One of those characters who do quite a lot of exposition without boring the crap out of you.” Plok of A Trout in the Milk


3 Responses

  1. I love your work! I have a couple suggestions for you to tackle. Do you have an email address I can contact you through?

  2. Hi,
    Your contributions at the MegaMonkey’s Marvel Chronology were always so thoughtful and informative.

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